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Since it was founded in 2004, Jiangsu Teho Metal Industry Co., LTD. has always been adhered to “service first, good faith” enterprise tenet, oriented by domestic and international market demands, and produced highly-qualified products to meet the customer’s requirement. We firmly believe that only by gathering strength can we transcend the ordinary, only by forward-looking views can we control the future, only by courageously confronting challenge can we explore a new development platform. Under the guidance of enterprise philosophies: professional, elaborative, practical and innovative,we establish a professional staff team to cooperate with global customers, and simultaneously seek the development of our company by high-quality and high-integrity. Teho Metal will continue to make full use of competitive advantage, and strive for a leading position over the world.
The simple and easy-understanding phrase “the harmony between nature and technology” contains the long-term mission and persistent efforts of Teho people, who are struggling to build No. 1 brand in non-ferrous metal oxide industry. Being driven by the great vision of brand building, Teho Company attempts to provide green and environmentally-benign product by continuous technology innovation, so that it can lead the progress of the nonferrous metal oxide industry to achieve the mutual benefit. On the one hand, Teho Company has been continuously dedicated to the improvement of production technology and equipments in order to realize energy conservation and emission reduction, cleaner production, as well as environmental protection. On the other hand, Teho Company has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Huatianmou (CTPM), which is a famous management consulting company in China, in order to strengthen enterprise lean management and unite the enterprise internal business. At the same time, the United Nations International Labor Organization has successfully promoted a project of Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) in Teho Company, which makes our company a better perspective. A large-scale modern enterprise with elegant corporate culture has been established in Taixi city, Jiangsu Province, China.
Today’s Taihe Company is picturesque and beautiful, and willing to work together with global customers for a better future.

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